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We custom screen print your garments by hand, we take your art and put it on a good quality tee, tank, polo, sweatshirt or hoodie. We do it without breaking your pocketbook.

Ghost Productions was born approximately March or April of 2010. It was the result of watching an infomercial. We were introduced to a hobby kit called the YuDu. It was a self contained screen printing system. After obtaining a Yudu, we practiced and struggled learning the ins and outs of its functions until we were able to produce our first screen printed tshirt in our kitchen/dining area. After showing the finished product around, we were immediately asked by our club members if we could make some shirts for them. Without thinking we said yes, having no idea what it took to create artwork, setup screens, manipulate the ink, screen the shirts themselves and worst of all, how to dry the shirts. Needless to say at near completion of the project (which actually was quite successful), Gina turns to me and says the magic words, “We could sell these.” And that was the birth of Ghost Productions, Custom Screen Printing. We realized the need to immediately abandon the hobby kit, and indulge in some professional help. We signed up for training classes and by that fall we had attended a series of informative but daunting classes, learning the steps from A to Z. Not only did we start to accumulate all the equipment that we knew we would need, but we also took a leap of faith and acquired a storefront to setup shop in. The first year was a struggle, we never gave up hope or lost sight of what the end goal was and still is. To be successful screen printers, successful at every phase of the business. Marketing, selling, designing, manufacturing and packaging a sought after product. I would like to say that we haven’t achieved as of yet, the heights we aspire to, but we are definitely headed up that hill with momentum. We have purchased equipment and supplies as needed, as our business has steadily increased. Many in the community are starting to recognize us as a good honest hard working business to do business with. The customer base has started to grow, as well as our skills. We have managed to acquire some subcontract work which really helps our confidence as well as the overall growth of our business. We are growing, Stop in and check us out. We are located in Grandview , Missouri 13126 South 71 Highway.

13126 South 71 Hwy, Suite B

Grandview, Missouri 64030

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11 a.m. - 6 p.m.